+ What are the sheet sizes?

Etched Brass:

  • Width: 36", 48"

  • Length: 96", 120"

Etched Pewter:

  • Width: 39.37", 48"
  • Length: 96", 120"

+ How thick is the material?

Brass is .025" (36" wide sheets) and .032" (48" wide sheets)

Pewter is .027"

+ Can the metals be bent?

Yes, they can be bent to a radius of 3/16”.

Our standard polyurethane coating can be curved to a 5" radius. Due to the hardness of the coating, smaller radii require our Incralac coating which can be bent to a minimum radius of 3/16”.

+ Can the metals be used outside?

Stoller Metals are designed for interior or protected exterior use on vertical and light-duty horizontal surfaces. Exterior installations should be protected from rain and salt air.

In tropical oceanfront areas, Pewter surfaces are not recommended for use in covered open-air settings. An air-conditioned interior area with permanently closed windows is suitable.

+ Can the metals be used on countertops?

The metals have been used succesfully on reception countertops, desks, conference tables, and dining tables. Our standard polyurethane coating is recommended for these applications.

Heavy duty applications such as kitchen countertops and restaurant busing stations are not recommend.

+ What substrates should the metals be bonded to?

Substrates should be dimensionally stable and have a smooth surface that will not telegraph imperfections. Recommended substrates are:

  • 45# Industrial Grade Particleboard
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
  • Plywood with one A-Grade Face (hardwood-faced plywood)
  • Kerfkore (for forming applications)

+ What adhesive should be used for bonding?

Contact adhesives that are compatible with bonding of metal-to-wood such as Low VOC, LEED and SCAQMD 1168 compliant and GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified 3M Scotch-Weld Hi-Strength 94 CA Adhesive.